March 2015

ISIS is in the headlines. Christians in many countries are being kidnapped, beheaded, crucified, and tortured in ways too awful to mention. Many Christians have died in Syria. But more Syrians are converting to Christ. In one Syrian city there is now a church of a couple hundred believers. Click on the link for the interactive PDF file. See how Global University is helping the Syrian Christians. You can help make a difference!

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March 2015

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Summer 2014 News

Summer 2014

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January 2014 News

Jan 2014 NewsJan 2014 News

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Jan-Feb 2013 News

Jan-Feb 2013Jan-Feb 2013

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Summer 2012 Newsletter


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Jesus’ Prayer Request: Pray that the Lord May Send!

The Fields Are White

Luke 10:2, “Then He said to them, the harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few. Therefore pray to the Lord of the harvest that He may send forth laborers into His harvest”.

Jesus asked us to pray that the Lord of the harvest would send forth laborers into His harvest. As I see it, Jesus did not ask us to pray that the Lord of the Harvest would call workers or give them a vision for the lost. I think that we can say that God, through the Holy Spirit, is doing great at his part of calling and giving a vision to go save the lost and train the found. However, our part, send forth laborers, is where we currently have a problem. It seems to me that part of the reason is that the responsibility of sending is given to the Church, and depends on the human involvement of people of faith.

Perhaps that is why Jesus made this prayer request! We need a renewed vision for sending. God is doing his part in the first step, the calling of workers, and in the last step of saving the lost and making disciples through the witness and labor of the workers.  However, today we have a problem in that middle step of sending. God honors a step of faith and provides for those who send, but we still have to commit to it. The enemy knows that if the called are not sent, there will not be a harvest. God knew that in these last days it would be easy to be distracted and not send workers, and so that is where Jesus asked us to concentrate our prayer. We pray that God would motivate and enable our people and Churches to send.

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March – April 2012 Newsletter

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March - April 2012

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Ozark Assembly

I am looking forward to being with Pastor Daren Roten and the congregation of Ozark Assembly, in Ozark, Missouri, this coming Sunday Morning. We will be there for Sunday School from 9:30 to 10:25, and a Missions “window” in the morning worship service that begins at 10:30. If you are in the area, come join us! Get more information on the church at

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New Gallery Page

Visit our new gallery page on our website with aquarelles I painted while we were in France

Mediterranean Port

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That Was Awesome Pastor Langwell!


Gateway Worship Center - San Antonio Texas

The way that Pastor David Langwell of Gateway Worship Center in San Antonio, Texas handled the service was a missionary’s dream. First of all he allowed me the privilege of coming to share with his Church at very short notice. Secondly, after a great time of prayer and worship around the altars that Wednesday evening, Pastor Langwell did not just give me a window, but the whole service in which to connect with the congregation and encourage them. I was able to share testimonies of the tremendous things God is doing around the world, as well as how the Lord is allowing Raynan’s healing.

Then, after I shared, Pastor David had me pass out Faith Promise forms to everybody. He explained that they should pray to see what the Lord wants them to give our ministry by faith on a monthly basis. Pastor explained that they could send in that amount to our World Missions office each month, and they would get on our mailing list to get updates directly from us concerning our family and our ministry. He explained that it would avoid our newsletters winding up on his desk where nobody could see them. Pastor Langwell said that the Church will pick us up for monthly support, but he is allowing the Holy Spirit to move on the hearts of individuals as well, and getting them personally involved with missionaries and their work.

Great job, Pastor David! We have already receive a Faith Promise in AGWM from one of the congregation, and I am sure others will follow!




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