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About Us

Assemblies of God World MissionsDoug Jeter was born in Havana, Cuba to missionary parents, Rev. and Mrs. Hugh P. Jeter. Leaving Cuba when he was only four years old, the family ministered in Spain, and then in Tangier, Morocco.  There Doug began studying the French language. That would prove to be a valuable asset in future ministry in France. Doug graduated from Southwestern Assemblies of God University (S.A.G.U.), where he earned his B.A. He later earned his M.A. at the Assemblies of God Theological Seminary in Springfield, Missouri.

Southwestern is where Doug met his wife, Raynan. She went on to the University of Houston and finished her degree in elementary education.  Later on she also earned an M.A. from A.G.T.S. They were married in 1968, then moved to the Pasadena, Texas area where they fulfilled ministry requirements for missionary appointment. In 1974 Doug and Raynan Jeter arrived in France for their first term as Assemblies of God missionaries.

The Eiffel TowerDoug worked for many years as director of the International Correspondence Institute (I.C.I.) for France, providing Bible courses for the French people and churches. He has ministered in the French Assemblies of God churches and taught in their Bible School. Doug used his experience to develop evangelism literature for the French.  The tracts proved to be very useful in his subsequent French university outreach ministry.

Doug earned a doctorate from the Sorbonne of the University of Paris, and doors opened for him to communicate the Gospel in the universities. He has also conducted seminars on the communication of the Gospel for pastors and leaders in France. After serving as a missionary for twenty-five years in France, Doug spent 6 years at S.A.G.U. as Professor of Missions, teaching Missions, Bible, Theology, French, and Philosophy.

Global UniversityLatest Assignment

In 2006, the door opened for Doug and Raynan to go back into full-time missions ministry.  The Assemblies of God World Missions asked Doug to take a leadership position in the French Division of Global University (a merger of Berean School of the Bible and I.C.I.), helping train ministers for France and the French-speaking world.  That area includes the French-speaking European, African, and Caribbean countries, as well as the French-speaking Muslim countries.  The many years of missions work in  France and in the educational field have prepared them for this exciting new challenge!

The Doug Jeter FamilyThe Jeters have three grown daughters, each of whom is also involved in work here and overseas.  The Doug Jeter family appreciates your prayers!

7 Responses to About Us

  1. Phil

    Il faut en faire une version francaise grosses bises PHIL

  2. Judi Walker

    Hi Doug and Raynan,
    I have enjoyed your website. It is good to see how God has walked us through the years. Your lives have been a continous inspiration for me and I pray that God continues to bless your ministry. My mom was raised in Yellville, AR not far from Branson. We love that area and know that you are enjoying the tourist attractions there!

    God bless,
    Love, Judi Walker (Pasadena, Texas – in case you don’t recognize the name, etc.)

  3. Doug

    Hey, I have forgotten a lot of things, but not Judi Walker. Who else would spell Judi with an “i”? But what I did miss was the cartoons. No cartoon, really?!! You haven’t changed that much, have you?

  4. Jimmie Daniels Daughters

    I remember going to John McDuff’s church with you and Raynan when you were first married…and maybe with one daughter???? I gave Raynan a perm at your home, and we had so much fun together….then kept in touch with yall by snail mail when you were in France… was in the early 70’s. Don’t know if you remember me or not. I met your son-in-law at Heritage A/G in McKinney last year.

    • Steve Hebert

      The wife and I worked as associates in East Africa, Israel and Central America for 11 years, teaching in AG Bible schools mostly. We thought of retiring but I am continually led or directed to the French-speaking world. I was raised in South Louisiana and spoke French at an early age. In the Seminary and college I studied French but with the passage of time (many years) my French is very rusty, extremely rusty. I need a couple of months of total immersion and then would be ready for ministry with the French-speaking world. I would like to meet with Bro. Doug and ask for his direction. I believe going to your web site this morning was directed by the Holy Spirit. God bless this Ministry. Steve Hebert

  5. Bernard Bouissieres

    Thanks for the news and updates.
    Check ours at
    Bernard and Diane

  6. Renee Cassandra Linderman-Caga

    Great Website! …and what beautiful pictures of your lovely family! Warm greetings from Princeton NJ 🙂 Renee Cassandra Linderman-Caga

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