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Amharic? Are you serious?

Posted by on September 28, 2011

Flag of Ethiopia

What if I tell you that the Amharic language is spoken by 27 million people, and is the second largest semitic language group next to Arabic? Abate Bitew was the pastor of a prominent church in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He is now working with us at Global University in charge of the translation of our GU courses into his native tongue, Amharic. He has received a special grant to do this work and has been with us for several years, working on the project. As director of Language Services for GU I am his supervisor. In my office today we discussed the whole process of translation, content edit, language edit, technical edit, desktopping, proofing, and publishing. These may be purely technical terms for many, but what it means to us is that Ethiopians will have the tools to train their Christian leaders and that will benefit the 27 million souls who speak Amharic. That is many times more than the thousands who called Abate pastor in his church in Ethiopia.

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