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Itinerate (verb) \ī-ˈti-nə-ˌrāt, ə-\

Posted by on November 2, 2011

November 1st I officially started a year of itineration. What is itineration? Good question. Webster’s dictionary defines it as: an intransitive verb : to travel a preaching or judicial circuit. The noun form of the word is — itin·er·a·tion \ ī-ˈti-nə-ˈrā-shən\.

Assemblies of God World Missions is a “Faith-based” missionary sending agency. That means that each of our world missionaries partners with individuals and churches who, by faith, promise to support them through prayer and finances as the Lord enables them. Without this partnership, the world-wide missionary ministry of the Assemblies of God would not be possible. Before we can obtain clearance for doing our international ministry, we are required to have pledges of support for an amount determined by AGWM. It is calculated according to our type and place of ministry, the size of our family, and the cost of living in the location where we will be stationed.

Then every four years the missionary is required to spend another year in itineration, travelling around to the different supporting churches to report on the ministry results. We also have to acquire new or increased pledges of support to make up for those who have not been able to continue with their commitment for one reason or another. We are currently receiving 30% less than our original support pledged four years ago.

I enjoy ministering and meeting with the churches and individuals who have partnered with us and made our ministry possible. What I do not enjoy is the many thousands of miles that I have to travel, and the separation from family for so much of the year. So, that is why I smile and say, “See you soon!” But at the same time I ask you for your prayers that everything will go well in booking services, and all the practical details that accompany this year of itineration.

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