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That Was Awesome Pastor Langwell!

Posted by on March 13, 2012


Gateway Worship Center - San Antonio Texas

The way that Pastor David Langwell of Gateway Worship Center in San Antonio, Texas handled the service was a missionary’s dream. First of all he allowed me the privilege of coming to share with his Church at very short notice. Secondly, after a great time of prayer and worship around the altars that Wednesday evening, Pastor Langwell did not just give me a window, but the whole service in which to connect with the congregation and encourage them. I was able to share testimonies of the tremendous things God is doing around the world, as well as how the Lord is allowing Raynan’s healing.

Then, after I shared, Pastor David had me pass out Faith Promise forms to everybody. He explained that they should pray to see what the Lord wants them to give our ministry by faith on a monthly basis. Pastor explained that they could send in that amount to our World Missions office each month, and they would get on our mailing list to get updates directly from us concerning our family and our ministry. He explained that it would avoid our newsletters winding up on his desk where nobody could see them. Pastor Langwell said that the Church will pick us up for monthly support, but he is allowing the Holy Spirit to move on the hearts of individuals as well, and getting them personally involved with missionaries and their work.

Great job, Pastor David! We have already receive a Faith Promise in AGWM from one of the congregation, and I am sure others will follow!




3 Responses to That Was Awesome Pastor Langwell!

  1. Gloria Candelaria

    That is great news. Answered prayer!

  2. Becky Templer Breazeale

    I miss those services where the missionary had the “whole” service! That’s where hearts for missions were born!

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