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Tomatoes in November!

Posted by on November 4, 2011
Tomatoes From Our Garden

Tomatoes from our garden in November in the Ozarks! The tomatoes were late coming on. The plants produced blooms, but did not put on tomatoes. I kept watering and tending to them. I wondered if we would even get one decent tomato for all my work.

Finally they started to produce. Some were cracked because the wild variation in temperatures they had to endure. But then some nice tasty ones matured. I had to cover the plants to prevent them from the frost, but then uncovered them for some more sunshine. Now November is here. We have had dozens of delicious tomatoes, and still have dozens more on the vine!

Doesn’t the Bible say something about reaping a harvest if we work and don’t faint? I need to remember my delicious November tomatoes the next time I am disappointed that the fields in which we are sowing do not produce souls immediately for God’s harvest.

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