Welcome New Partners

We want to welcome Pastor Andy Hostetler and Discovery Church of Cibolo (Schertz), Texas who joined our team this past week with a promise of monthly support. Thank you for joining us in our mission to reach the French-speaking world for Christ!


Discovery Church


Pastor Andy Hostetler




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In the Light of History!

Alva & Louise (Jeter) Walker, Bible School Directors, Manacas, Las Villas, 1954

My Aunt Louise Jeter Walker and her husband were directors of the Cuban Bible Institute in 1954.

Some of the First Laborers in the Harvest

Cuba has been very dear to our family, and is the country where I was born!
The doors of the Cuban Bible Institute were open in 1954 for all those who had a call of God to the ministry…

Cuban Pentecostal Bible Institute, Manacas, Las Villas, 1954

After years of experience in teaching, writing, and editing, Aunt Louise became the first writer and editor for the Global University courses. Now Global University courses help train hundreds of Bible School students and leaders through distance education.

A New Chapter of the Same History

Director and Graduates of Global University


New Laborers in the Harvest

 A Cuban pastor has taken the responsibility of the new look of the Cuban Bible Institute, as Director for Global University of Cuba. He is the son of students of the Class of 1954! He visited our International Office recently and shared these pictures with us. What a thrill to see my Aunt Louise and Uncle Alva and to know how the seed planted so long ago continues to bear fruit!
I am now privileged to minister at Global University, helping train this new generation of workers as they go into the Harvest!
The Lord is building his Church! We are workers together with Him, and we will all share in the reward. God is in this work for the long run… if we remain faithful to do our part, in due time we will reap a harvest!
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Crane Assembly of God

George & Margaret Burnash with Nathalie

Crane Assembly of God – Pastor George and Margaret Burnash

What a delight to be with Pastors George and Margaret Burnash at Crane Assembly of God in Crane, Missouri this morning. Nathalie accompanied me to the service to visit with her long-time friends. It was great to feel their passion for the Lord, for the ministry, and for their community. We had a wonderful time of sharing with each other and from the Word. They have a heart for missions, and we know that God will honor their ministry as they step out in faith and follow the leading of the Lord. Thank you for having us Pastor!

George & Margaret Burnash with Nathalie

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Nathalie and Raynan at Hemmingway's

Who would have ever thought that such an elegant dining facility would be hidden up on the 4th floor of the Bass Pro Shop in Springfield? The lunch buffet at Hemmingway’s Blue Water Cafe has become one of our favorites. From the extensive salad bar to the chocolate mousse for dessert. Raynan and I took Nathalie there for a late birthday celebration.

Happy Birthday Nathalie!

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Back Home at Faith

It is really hard to describe the feeling of being back in the pulpit where it all started 44 years ago. I was at Faith Assembly of God in Pasadena, Texas, Sunday morning to share a testimony of how God is bringing about a healing in Raynan’s body, and the wonderful things that are taking place around the world in missions. Some of our long-time friends (we don’t have “old” friends) are now gone, others have more wrinkles or have been seriously diminished by disease or other difficulties of this life. However, the heart of the church is still intact. There is still a world waiting to receive the message that there is hope and salvation in Jesus Christ, and Faith still is a very vital part of that vision. Pastor Johnny McDuff and his congregation have continued over the years to be one of our mainstays of partnership and support, and Raynan and I salute them! They called us “Heroes of the Faith”, but who is more of a hero, the one who goes or the ones who stay and intercede and support and make the victory possible? We love you, Faith Assembly!

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Great Pastor, Great Church!

I am in South Texas for the month of January going on the Light for the Lost tour of the district. I had the privilege of attending Sunday School and morning service at Humble First Assembly of God yesterday, missions emphasis Sunday. Pastor Milton Pool has such a great missions heart. When all the necessary preliminaries were over, we partook of communion, saw a special missions video, and listened to interviews with church members who had gone on missions trips, Pastor Pool only had 5 minutes left to preach a missions message. And he gave me 2 of those 5 minutes to thank the Church for their faithful support, and give an encouraging report on how God is providing healing for Raynan as a result of prayer.

When the economy got tough and the missions offerings did not come in, Pastor Pool took the money from the general fund to make sure that the missionaries did not come up short on their support. God has honored his faith, and they are once again “in the black”, doing more for missions than ever. Praise God for pastors like Milton Pool and churches like Humble First Assembly! Check them out: www.humblefirstchurch.com.

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Mom’s 100th Birthday

My Mom, Gertrude Jeter, has been an example and inspiration to me all of my lfe. She has modeled the unselfish, productive, modest, godly Proverbs 31 woman, not only for our family, but for many others. On November 22nd she celebrated her 100th birthday! This is a picture that my older brother posted on Facebook of the birthday celebration for her in Virginia Beach, where she lives with Stan and Rhoda and their family. Just two weeks ago she made the road trip to Marshfield and Branson Missouri with Stan and his family to attend my sister Betty’s daughter’s wedding. While she was here in our area the family got together for an early celebration of her birthday. Happy birthday, Mom! I love you!


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Persistent Petunias

I get inspiration from any source I can. Today it was my very persistent petunias in the window box of our home in Ozark, MO. I planted these flowers back in the spring. They have survived summer drought, and now several frosts and a hard freeze. They are a little worn, and somewhat ragged around the edges. I can somewhat identify with that. But there they are, still “hanging in there”, keeping on doing their job of making our lives brighter. I trust I will be able to do the same to those around me.



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VETERANS DAY is a time to honor our veterans who have served around the world in defense of our country and our liberties. Our military veterans are our national heroes, and I honor them. I think it is also an appropriate time to honor one of my “heroes”. I am speaking of a veteran of spiritual warfare who has spent his life bringing spiritual freedom to countless persons by the communication of a message of salvation through Jesus Christ.

In my lifetime, I have had many heroes. My Dad was one of them. As it is with the veterans of some of the greatest wars this world has known, the longer I live the fewer of these veteran heroes are still alive.

However, I do have an outstanding hero I want to honor today. John Bueno is a true veteran of spiritual warfare. He is a godly man of character and principles. In addition to these wonderful characteristics, John is one of the most personable, compassionate, and redemptive men I have ever known. He is a prince of a man, with a heart of gold. He has done an outstanding job as the Director of World Missions of the Assemblies of God. He has led us in the battle to save souls all around the world. He has now retired as Director of AGWM. As a boss, he has been the greatest. However, I am even more proud to call him my friend.

John Bueno, you are my hero!

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Networking on the Internet

Have you ever wondered if the seed you are sowing is producing fruit? The French Christian website, TopChrétien was started around ten years ago by a friend by the name of Eric Célérier as an evangelism outreach, mainly for France. Since then the outreach has branched out and partnered with different organizations, including Global University, to evangelize and follow up contacts with discipleship and a church home. The Godrev.com , connaîtredieu and Jesus.net sites were created to give the opportunity to people all over the world to get the Gospel message and respond with a prayer of commitment to Christ.

Joy in Heaven gives us the possibility of tracking conversions in real time on a world map or even on Google Earth. Joy in Heaven as of this writing has recorded 27,363,231 visits with 2,701,876 people who have accepted Christ as Savior!

How fascinating to be able to trace results of this unique form of evangelism on the Internet and knowing that the Lord is building his Church all around the world. And as you partner with us, you have a part in the harvest!

Click here to view the video testimony of French convert. It is one of many testimonies of people who have come to Christ through this network of ministries. If you do not understand French, here are some testimonies in English.



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