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  VETERANS DAY is a time to honor our veterans who have served around the world in defense of our country and our liberties. Our military veterans are our national heroes, and I honor them. I think it is also an appropriate time to honor one of my “heroes”. I am speaking of a veteran of spiritual … Continue reading »

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Networking on the Internet

Have you ever wondered if the seed you are sowing is producing fruit? The French Christian website, TopChrétien was started around ten years ago by a friend by the name of Eric Célérier as an evangelism outreach, mainly for France. Since then the outreach has branched out and partnered with different organizations, including Global University, to … Continue reading »

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  Blaise works in Haiti with the Salvation Army as coordinator of their HIV & Aids Project. He came across the Network 211 website,  a partner ministry for evangelism and Christian discipleship and wrote an inquiry in French.→ →Fred, who serves as a moderator for Network 211, forwarded a short note to me that Blaise had written asking about the availability of … Continue reading »

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Itinerate (verb) \ī-ˈti-nə-ˌrāt, ə-\

November 1st I officially started a year of itineration. What is itineration? Good question. Webster’s dictionary defines it as: an intransitive verb : to travel a preaching or judicial circuit. The noun form of the word is — itin·er·a·tion \ ī-ˈti-nə-ˈrā-shən\. Assemblies of God World Missions is a “Faith-based” missionary sending agency. That means that each … Continue reading »

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What’s Happening in Iran?

There are areas of the world where U.S. missionaries are not welcome. Nevertheless, the people there still need the Gospel. I am glad to report that the Church is alive and well, even in these restricted countries, in spite of the fact that Christians and ministers are persecuted and sometimes killed. Wherever the Church is, ministers need sound … Continue reading »

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More Evangelical Christians in Mongolia than in France?

Assemblies of God World Missions has been working in Mongolia for less than 20 years. God has blessed the work there. We are very happy for the people of that remote and needy country. However, when I first saw the statistics, I was shocked to realize that percentage-wise there are more Evangelical Christians in Mongolia … Continue reading »

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What edition of the course Life of Christ are they using in Mongolia? Keith Heerman, called me to ask the question. Keith is the Executive Vice President of Global University (GU) and a fellow-missionary with the Assemblies of God World Missions. The Bible School in Mongolia invited him to come and teach this course in their ministerial training program. However, he … Continue reading »

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I was grading the course Paul’s Letters to Pastors from a French-language student.  As soon as I saw the student’s name, I knew she had to be from the  island of Madagascar. The size and style of the name took me back to our France-ICI office in Paris in 1979. We had the first computer purchased with  … Continue reading »

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Amharic? Are you serious?

What if I tell you that the Amharic language is spoken by 27 million people, and is the second largest semitic language group next to Arabic? Abate Bitew was the pastor of a prominent church in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. He is now working with us at Global University in charge of the translation of our GU … Continue reading »

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Global University Courses in Chinese

We are excited about what is happening in the country with the largest population in the world! For quite some time now Global University has had the eighteen courses of the Chritian Life series and the eighteen courses of the Christian Service series available in simplified and traditional Mandarin Chinese. That is in addition to the … Continue reading »

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